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Northridge Keyless Entry Locks

One of the great things about modern technology is that it can be applied anywhere. And in the case of locks, it has also gained some terrain! Keyless door locks have spread through out the country, and now you can see them in houses, offices and hotels. But some people may not like a keyless entry lock. Maybe a key makes them feel more secure than to buy a keyless lock. Let's compare the details.

What Are Keyless Locks?

In very brief words, keyless locks are locks that don't require a key to open and close the door. It uses another kind of method for opening and closing.

How Do You Select The Perfect Keyless Lock?

First things first. How much money do you have? If you have a small budget, then you should start with one lock only. Maybe buy only the external and not the keyless interior door locks. That way, you will not make a hole in your wallet that you will regret afterwards. In case you don't have to worry about the budget, that doesn't mean that you can buy anything. There are some other rules that need to be taken in account.

For example, the features of keyless locks. The main one is that you won't need a key for opening you door. You can use a code or a magnetic card for opening them. In the case of codes, you have locks with simple code combinations and other more complicated, with several options for entering your code. At the end, it depends on the balance that you make between security and your budget.

Another feature is that they can resist strong weather. Since they are a very expensive piece of machinery, it's logical to expect that they can withstand the elements and the fury of nature.

One curious thing to take in account. Some keyless locks do have keys! Why? It is a backup in case your forget the code. In case you end buying one of these locks, store the key in a place that can be easily accessed.

What about the prices? Well, they are expensive. The cheapest keyless door locks don't cost less than a hundred bucks and the most expensive ones reach the five hundred mark. The average keyless lock costs approximately, $250, depending on the brand, the quality and its features (for example, keyless deadbolt locks).

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